Completely Customizable

Genie Virtual Dressing can seamlessly match the look and feel of your site.

Simple Integration

This virtual dressing room integrates in just a few hours, not months.

Awesome Social Features

Facebook, Twitter & other sharing features are already integrated into our virtual dressing room platform.

Robust Analytics

We have the tools to help you measure real ROI.

Products & Features

How awesome it is?

Products details

Packed with smooth scroll

Easily to style, change fonts, colors, sizes in few clicks. Non experienced users will find Myway very easy to customize. Myway is the place to stay when you want it your way. Move sections up and down, arrange elements by your needs and change layout. We have included responsive video embeds and used just Google fonts, you can change to any other in a minute. We also have working contact form.

Web Based

Web Based

Web Genie Virtual Dressing is a very user friendly product especially designed for customers who like to purchase products online. All you need is a Webcam for this application. Genie Virtual Dressing is very useful for all the E-Commerce websites. It becomes easy for the customers to virtually have a look of the attire they wish to purchase. They can even click the picture and can share it through Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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Retail Based

Retail Based

Retail Genie Virtual Dressing is especially designed to save customers time from the long queue outside the Trial room. They can try maximum product of their choice in less time. It requires a Kinect camera, which reads the human gesture and the customer can try their favourite attire without entering the trial room.

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Mobile Based

Mobile Based

Mobile Genie Virtual Dressing is especially designed for products like – wrist watch, jewellery and cosmetic. With the help of Mobile based Genie Virtual Dressing customer can try these accessories and see how it looks on them. Customer will have to download an app called “Genie Virtual Dressing” from their App Store.

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Do you offer customization for the Genie Virtual Dressing?
What apparels work best with Genie Virtual Dressing?
Does the Genie Virtual Dressing work with 3D items?
Will Genie Virtual Dressing show which item would look good and fit on the user?
Do you offer Genie Virtual Dressing for kiosks?
Is there any mobile version of Genie Virtual Dressing?
Why do you use Flash for Genie Virtual Dressing?
Is anybody using the Genie Virtual Dressing?
Will the Genie Virtual Dressing improve customer satisfaction and sales?
Why should I go with the Genie Virtual Dressing?

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